Morris Offspring is...

Morris Offspring was born following a commission to write two new, ten-minute dances for ‘Flame!’ at Sidmouth International Festival 2003.

Laurel Swift gathered together a group of 12 young, passionate morris dancers from across the UK to create ReVolution (atmospheric and stately) and Red Hot (pulsating, magical and funky). Laurel says, “… working with this band of crazies was simply more fun, more stressful and more amazing than anything I’d ever done”. In the words of one dancer, “… the atmosphere that engulfed the team when together was truly special”. In the words of another, “…it changed our lives”.

Spurred on by that energy, Offspring have kept dancing beyond Flame!, and with The English Acoustic Collective toured the show On English Ground to stages across the UK, appeared on BBC Two’s ‘The Culture Show’ and danced in front of an audience of 18,000 at Fairport Convention’s Cropredy Festival.

Morris Offspring teamed up with some of the most talented and extraordinary musicians on the folk circuit to embark on a brand new show ‘MO: Rising’ before taking on the 'Must Come Down' project, collaborating with Maple Morris from North America and developing new dances for all 35 dancers involved.

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