You may have seen people wearing our lovely t-shirts, which you can buy directly from us. Contact Laurel to choose colour and size:

All members of the band (past and present) have CD's on sale through their own websites.

English Acoustic Collective Ghosts and other CD's by members of the band.

Jackie Oates' self titled debut album, 'The Violet Hour' and 'Hyperboreans' can be bought online from her own website. Jackie has also inspired some new cosmetics for 'traditional folk' from Lush.

James Delarre's band, Mawkin have the album 'The Fair Essex' and EP 'Extended Procrastination' available online from their own website.

'Running Joak' from the Gloworms and 'Beam' from Laurel Swift and friends (including Saul, John, Jackie and many more) are available from the Gloworms website.

Matt Keegan-Phipps and band Ceilidhography have released 'Spots on the Sun' which is available from their website.

John Dipper's fiddling is available for listening to on a whole host of CD's that you can purchase from his website here.

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