The Benefits of dance for Children

Dancing isn’t just for adults, it is an extremely helpful and beneficial activity forkids for several reasons. Some of the reasons to start your child in dance early include:

  • Physical Health benefits; dancing regularly is one of the best aerobic workouts. Overall health can improve with just 30 minutes of dance a few times a week. Dance for kids can help with muscle strength and development as well as help those with weight issues.
  • Social benefits; dance is a highly social activity, some of which require high levels of cooperation and so dance creates an opportunity to learn to cooperate, make new friends, help lessen shyness or social anxiety issues. It also helps teach kids about commitment, especially if it is a regularly scheduled and attended activity. It is also a great way to prevent and alleviate any fears of working with or performing in front of others.
  • Educational benefits; the focus, dedication and discipline that is required to participate in and succeed at dance set the stage for a great educational experience and academic success. It is a great way to create a sense of commitment and dedication.
  • Better Self Esteem; dance is a great way to allow kids to blow off steam, learn about and express themselves and help improve self awareness and self esteem overall, creating a better “head space” and improved sense of self overall.

Dance is part of some curricula in educational institutions, so kids may be exposed to it in school, but it is also offered by several studios, independent teachers and community groups depending on your wants, your child’s wants as well as other factors such as budget. There are also many types of dance such as hip hop, ballet, contemporary, that are great options for kids and younger adults just starting out.