Utilising Rugs Within a Dance Studio

At first glance, the idea of filling a dance studio with rugs may seem counterintuitive. Dancers might be concerned that they will be a trip hazard. However, as long as the rugs are strategically placed, they are unlikely to get in the way of performers. In fact, the right floor décor will help to bring life to a production.

Round rugs will be particularly appealing to dance studios. These can be purchased from the Trend Carpet website. There are undoubtedly many different factors to consider when choosing the right one.

The Colour of the Dancers’ Costumes

Stylistic consistency is vital for any dance routine. It is a good idea to match the colour of the round rugs with the dancers’ costumes. If the production features contemporary dance then the clothing could be particularly vibrant. This means the rug will need to have a similar brightness to it.

The Cultural Origins of the Dance

Throughout the world, there is actually a vast range of cultural traditions based around dancing. For example, it serves a ceremonial purpose in a plethora of countries. It is a good idea to choose a rug that shares the exact cultural origins of the dance.

The Environment Being Represented by the Rugs

Sometimes the dance will have its own narrative. The rug could be utilised as set dressing during these productions. For example, if the story takes place in a jungle, then the rug might have green leafy patterns or an animal print on it.

The Available Stage Space

There will be limitations in terms of how much space is available. There needs to be enough room for both the performers and rugs. For this reason, it is crucial to decide on the correct dimensions before purchasing the right floor décor from Trend Carpet.