Dance for increased flexibility and agility

There are many types of dance, most of which are great options for physical exercise and movement and a great way to stay healthy and keep your heart rate up. One of the other main benefits of dance is its ability to increase your flexibility and agility. Some types of the dances that you can try to help improve your flexibility drastically include:

  • Ballet; the movements in ballet require a high level of technicality and isolation of muscles and body parts and stretching of different muscles.
  • Latin Dance; Latin dance can help you loosen up your hips and lower body. It is a great way to get your body to move in ways that you may not have thought possible.
  • Hip hop; Hip Hop requires you to get on and off the floor, helping increase your agility and flexibility.

There are dance options to help with everything from injury recovery to regaining range of motion after injury. It is also a great way to increase agility for other sports too, like soccer and football, where light feet and quick movements are a key requirement for success.