Dancing for fitness

Dancing is a cultural and social activity that is practiced in cultures and countries all over the world and it is an activity that some even treat as a competitive sport, but did you know that it is also a fitness activity? There are many types of fitness dance classes some of the most popular include:

  • Jazzercise; this dance class incorporates Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and strength training with the rhythm, choreography and beat of dancing. The choreography is not just dance moves, but also body weight exercise and sometimes also incorporates resistance bands and weights as well. It is high intensity and the intense combination of bodyweight training with cardio make it a calorie burning powerhouse.
  • BARRE; Unlike what you may think of when you think of traditional dance fitness classes, barre classes aim to isolate muscles through holding and extending different positions. You will find some similarities and influences of Pilates, yoga and strength training. This workout is also a great strength and flexibility builder.
  • Pole dancing; there is sometimes a stigma, and not necessarily a positive one associated with pole dancing. Pole dancing, however, is offered at many fitness cubs and there are even some fitness studios dedicated entirely to pole dancing. This is a great way to burn calories and build impressive body strength.
  • Zumba; an upbeat full body workout, and a fun way to shed fat and burn calories. The music is upbeat, and the moves are not overly complicated, making it easy for those of all fitness levels to enjoy and partake in. Zumba is also a popular past time, it is easy and affordable to sign up for, once or on a regular basis.