Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop, as it relates to dance, is an all-encompassing term that covers several street and other dance styles that are typically set to hip hop style music. There are different types of hip-hop dances. One of the original types of hip- hop is breaking which became popular in the 1970’s. There were dance crews who would break dance with and against each other. Hip Hop dancing was made mainstream by television shows in the 1980’s.

There are now many other types of dances including studio versions of hip-hop as well as jazz funk types of hip hop. The distinguishing factor for many hip-hop dances include the freestyle elements whereby dancers improvise to the beat of the music they are dancing to and create master pieces on the spot.

Today, there are lots of hip-hop dancers and enthusiasts all over the world and hip hop has evolved to be a competitive sport, a recreational activity, a lifestyle and even a way for people of all shapes and sizes to get and stay fit. It is a widespread form of dance and activity that is enjoyed all over the world.