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Morris Offspring : Faustus

The fire in every generation devours the old to forge the new until all that is left is tradition itself. 

DVD Now Available! 

Surging with hot, raw energy, the seemingly unstoppable machinery of Morris Offspring, driven by the mighty sounds of folk powerhouse Faustus, has created a rare jewel! This tenth anniversary outing for Morris Offspring brings a brand new generation of outstanding young dancers into the spotlight. Add Faustus's compelling rhythms to the cauldron and this is an explosive mix - an exhilarating, joyful and captivating spectacle.

TOUR 2013 

Huge thanks from all of Morris Offspring to everyone who came to see us, supported us, made us welcome and generally allowed us to have an amazing time down the years. We had a ball! Photos up here and here and a review!  

Thanks to our Kickstarter project, we were able to film the final show at Exeter Phoenix. You can buy it here. 

Please choose the correct postage:

“Frill-free folk music, superbly and tastefully performed.”

**** Sunday Times

“Morris Offspring put the mystery back into morris”

Billy Bragg
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